Connecting Karst Critters

In this lesson, students will study one of the vulnerable cave organisms shown in the video. They will relate information about the critter to the provided “nature concepts” chart and write a poem for the organism.

Click the links below for full Lesson Plan, guidesheet, and Student Activity chart. Lesson Plan includes GLE cross-references. All three are printable .pdf files.

“Connecting Karst Critters” Complete Lesson Plan (pdf)

“Connecting Karst Critters” Nature Concepts guidesheet (pdf)

“Connecting Karst Critters” Student Activity Chart (pdf)


Endangered species
Threatened species
Tumbling Creek cave snail
Ozark cave fish
Grotto salamander
Pink planarian
Bristly cave crayfish

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[Bristly cave fish information] [40-page “Missouri Cave Life” pdf booklet. Contains 4 of the 5 species, photos and glossary]