Deep Feet Water Footprints

In this lesson, students use a checklist to determine the “deep feet water footprint” for their home. This home inventory may be completed with family members. Emphasis is placed on potential nonpoint pollution coming from their houses
or yards.

“Click the links below for full Lesson Plan, Home Inventory Checklist, and Parent Letter explaining the checklist.”
Lesson Plan includes GLE cross-references. All three are printable .pdf files.

“Deep Feet Water Footprints” Complete Lesson Plan (pdf)

“Deep Feet Water Footprints” Home Inventory Checklist (pdf)

“Deep Feet Water Footprints” Parent Letter (pdf)


Watershed Water cycle
Nonpoint source pollution Evaporation
Sediment Condensation
Erosion Precipitation
Fertilizer Runoff
Pesticide/insecticide Infiltration
Household hazardous waste Groundwater

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The home inventory checklist for this activity was adapted from the booklet: Living On Karst: A Reference Guide for Ozark Landowners published by The Nature Conservancy, Lower Ozarks Project, 2003.