Donate to the Sequel

We’re ready to launch a video sequel to “Karst in the Ozarks.”

The new video, “Building on Ozark Karst” will highlight interactions between human-built structures and karst landscapes.

We’ll be telling dramatic stories of past problems and showcasing creative solutions to karst-related challenges. This fascinating topic should be of interest to anyone living in a karst area, especially if you are thinking of building a house, pond, or driveway, or if your community is considering big projects, such as a new school, sewer system, or housing development.

You’ll see how one city’s sewage lagoon polluted wells and sickened hundreds when a sinkhole formed, draining it overnight. Another city has reduced flooding problems by draining stormwater into caves that run beneath it. You’ll learn about a catastrophic sinkhole collapse that swallowed part of a house, and about a fertilizer pipeline break that killed thousands of fish and nearly wiped out a cave spring ecosystem.

Karst fans, this video launch could use some help. We have a great nest egg to start this project but not enough to finish. We’ll be talking to natural resource agencies, foundations, and corporations about funding.

Even a token donation from you can make a big difference.

Whether big or small, your donation will swell our number of supporters and provide important matching funds. That makes us look good when we apply for grants. We think corporate donors and agency grant reviewers will be excited about this project when they see grassroots support.

Please add your name to our list of fans who want to see the next video!


$5 or $10 – You get a heartfelt ‘thank-you.’ You’re helping us say to corporate funders: “our supporters are squarely behind this project.”

$25 – In addition to thanks, we’ll send you an 11 X 17 Map – “Karst Features of South Central Missouri.” Mailed folded in 8.5 X 11 envelope. Add $5 for unfolded map shipped in mailing tube.

$40 – We will gratefully send you a DVD version of our first video, “Karst in the Ozarks” DVD (shipped immediately) OR a DVD copy of the new “Building on Ozark Karst,” shipped later when it is finished.

$50 – Our thank-you gift for your donation will be an 8.5 X 11 high-quality photo of a prominent Ozark karst feature, printed on quality paper, suitable for framing.

$60 – Educators, look at this Science Classroom Package. Our gift of appreciation is a spiral-bound, printed copy of the Karst Curriculum (OR an unbound copy in handy folder, for easy photocopying) and our 11 X 17 map “Karst Features of South Central Missouri.”

$75 – With gratitude, we’ll send you an Ozark Rock ID Kit; it’s a set of 6 typical Ozark minerals in a cloth pouch, along with a printed flyer containing photos and descriptions for identifying each rock in the set.

$100 – Our thank-you gift will be a “Karst in the Ozarks” DVD and the 11 X 17 Map “Karst Features of South Central Missouri” (shipped immediately) AND a copy of the new “Building on Ozark Karst” DVD, shipped later when it is finished.

$125 – In appreciation, we’ll send a book from our list of favorites published about the Ozarks and its springs, caves, rivers and geology.

$150 – Act soon to claim this thank you gift, because we only have four left. It’s our limited edition 11 X 17 “Karst in the Ozarks” promo poster for the premiere showing, March 25, 2010, at Missouri State University – West Plains. Photo by Vernon Gross, taken at Tumbling Creek Cave. Mounted on foam board.

$250 – “You Pick Two” as a thank you. One book from our list of favorites and one 8.5 X 11 photo from the photo gallery, plus we’ll throw in a “Karst in the Ozarks” DVD and the “Karst Features of South Central Missouri” map.

$350 – Join us for an all-day karst tour and participate in a video shoot. We provide transportation, lunch, cool places to go, and a knowledgeable tour guide. You agree to serve as on-camera audience while we shoot video during times the tour guide is talking about the karst wonders at that location. Be listed in the credits if your face appears in the video. Tours to be announced, but could include river floats, sinkhole and spring visits, or cave tours. We expect to offer several tours over the next year. Tours subject to minimum participation levels; refunds provided for canceled tours.

$500 – Become an executive producer at this giving level. You’re invited to the premiere showing as a VIP guest, you’ll be listed in the credits as a supporter, and will receive a premiere poster, a map, and both DVDs.

$1,000 – A gift like this entitles you to the full shebang. Join us on a tour, get VIP treatment at the premiere showing, appear in the credits, and enjoy our DVDs, poster, and map.

Thanks for your support!