Eons and Eons of Ozarks Long Ago

In this activity, students study the geological history of the Missouri Ozarks, then demonstrate their learning by reorganizing sections of scrambled tables that describe rock layers and fossil history.

Click the links below for full Lesson Plan and Student Activity sheet. Lesson Plan includes GLE cross-references.
Both are printable .pdf files.

“Eons and Eons of Ozarks Long Ago” Complete Lesson Plan (pdf)

“Eons and Eons of Ozarks Long Ago” Student Activity (pdf)


Limestone Radiometric dating Carbon dioxide
Dolomite Igneous rocks Carbonic acid
Plutons Precambrian Era Calcite
Fossils Horizontality Sinkholes
Trilobite Molds & casts Losing streams
Bivalves (Brachiopods) Sedimentary rocks Springs
Gastropods Relative dating Cave decorations
Crinoids Bryozoans
Mastodons Blastoids

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[summarized Missouri over the past 4 geologic eras]

[This is a PDF file that has simple clear background about the Missouri fossils listed in the GLEs with web links for more information]

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