Karst King or Karst Klutz?

In this lesson, students work in small groups, taking turns drawing a card then reading and discussing the scenario
on the card. Teams decide if the scenario would be the action of a Karst King (someone who understands the surface/groundwater connection) or a Karst Klutz (someone who has not had the opportunity to be educated about
the surface/groundwater connection).

Click the links below for full Lesson Plan, playing cards and answer key. Lesson Plan includes GLE cross-references.
All are printable .pdf files.

“Karst King or Karst Klutz?” Complete Lesson Plan (pdf)

“Karst King or Karst Klutz?” Playing Cards (pdf)

“Karst King or Karst Klutz?” Answer Key (pdf)


Household hazardous waste
Point source pollution
Nonpoint source pollution

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The cards in this activity were adapted from the booklet: Living On Karst: A Reference Guide for Ozark Landowners published by The Nature Conservancy, Lower Ozarks Project, 2003.